Improved Broadband Campaign

6th July 2017

Wrekin MP Mark Pritchard has called for better Broadband for constituents of The Wrekin. A long advocate of improving internet access, Mr Pritchard met with Which? representatives at the Fix Bad Broadband event in the House of Commons on Wednesday 5th July.

Which? provided Mr Pritchard with a constituency briefing that showed the following:

Nine in 10 people regard their home broadband connection as essential to everyday life. But research published by Which? has found that six in 10 (59%) have experienced some kind of problem with their home internet connection in the last year, including poor connections, dropouts and slow speeds.

Which? analysis of data from Speed Checker Ltd from January to March 2017, reveals that in your constituency of The Wrekin, the average household was receiving broadband speeds of 17.9Mbps. The bottom 25th percentile in The Wrekin is receiving broadband speeds of less than 8.2Mbps

10Mbps is the minimum download speed proposed under the Government's Universal Service Obligation (USO) that anyone in the UK would be entitled to request. Which’s analysis identified 17Mbps as the UK average.

Mark said:

“Shropshire is a large rural county. Both homes and businesses need reliable and faster broadband. Operators need to match their words with a genuine roll out programme.”

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