Mark calls for debate on UK efforts to prevent conflict in areas vulnerable to famine

9th March 2017

Mark calls for a debate on UK efforts to prevent conflict which is a driver of an impending famine in eastern Nigeria and the famines in Yemen, Somalia and South Sudan.

In his statement, the Leader of the House said that there would be a debate on the Department for International Development’s programme in Nigeria. He will know that there is an impending famine in eastern Nigeria. I wonder whether we could have a wider debate on the famines in Yemen and Somalia, and the famine in South Sudan that the World Food Programme has just announced, and on how DFID’s programme could do more to prevent conflict rather than just resolving it, given that conflict is a driver of those famines.


That sounds like an ideal subject for one of the longer debates in Westminster Hall. I am sure that my hon. Friend would be the first to agree that DFID is devoting a lot of resource to help bring relief to South Sudan.

| Hansard