Mark seeks financial support for long-term unemployed when Wellington job centre closes

30th January 2017

Mark Pritchard calls on the Government to help with increased costs for long-term unemployed who will have to travel to Telford when Wellington job centre plus closes later this year.

Wellington jobcentre plus office is due to relocate to Telford later this year, and Telford is 4 miles away. While we have record employment in Shropshire and in my constituency, which is most welcome, what can the Minister do to mitigate the increased costs for those who are long-term unemployed to get from Wellington to Telford to seek work?


Many jobseekers will already travel more than 4 miles to access their nearest jobcentre, and it is important that we remember not just that, but that people in employment will also be travelling significant distances in their daily commute. We are seeking the best solutions for individuals by looking at outreach and co-location—to find ways that people can access services online so that where possible we can minimise the disruption to their looking for work.

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