Mark Pritchard Re-elected as Wrekin MP with Increased Majority

Mark Pritchard, the Conservative Candidate for The Wrekin at the 2019 General Election, has been elected as the constituency's Member of Parliament for a fifth time.

The final result in The Wrekin was as follows:

  • Mark Pritchard, Conservative* - 31,029
  • Dylan Harrison, Labour - 12,303
  • Thomas Janke, Lib Dems - 4,067
  • Tim Dawes, Green - 1,491

Turnout was 69.45%.

Mr Pritchard said the focus would now be on delivering on the Conservative manifesto pledges.

He said: “I am honoured and delighted, we can now get Brexit done, and deliver on people’s priorities of the NHS, education, policing, delivering jobs, manufacturing and having a government that represents the interests of rural counties like Shropshire but also the needs of urban areas.”

He added: “I think people wanted their voice heard. They felt they were being ignored. The Conservatives promised to deliver the referendum result and I think this was not just a Brexit election but an election for one nation Conservatism.”