Improving Roads & Public Transport

Get Those Potholes Fixed!

The last Conservative Government has announced massive new funding to help Shropshire Council and Telford & Wrekin Council repair local roads.

Transport Ministers had already promised to provide £8.3 billion of extra roads resurfacing funding for English local councils between 2023/24 and 2033/34 - all paid for with savings delivered by the Prime Minister’s decision to cancel HS2 Phase 2.

All the money that would have been spent on HS2 in the Midlands will still be spent in the Midlands, but on other transport projects which can be delivered faster.

Now, the Department for Transport has confirmed the specific allocation of additional funding which Shropshire Council and Telford & Wrekin Council will receive between 2023/24 and 2033/34.  Over that period, Telford & Wrekin Council will receive an additional £32,035,000 and Shropshire Council will receive an additional £153,072,000.

This massive extra funding for road repairs in Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin is more than enough to transform the state of local roads for the better.

It is now up to the local councils to use the money wisely for the benefit of residents.  Too often, we hear Labour-run Telford & Wrekin Council blaming their own transport failings - from damaged roads to closed bus routes - on what they claim is a lack of government funding.  With an additional £32 million given to them by the Conservative government to spend on local roads, there can be no more excuses.  I will be keeping a close eye on progress with road repairs across the borough.


Protecting Local Bus Services

The last Conservative Government confirmed an extra £243 million of investment to improve local transport in Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin.

The reallocated HS2 funding is providing local authorities in the Midlands with extra money to improve public transport, reduce congestion and upgrade local bus and train stations.

It is the first transport budget of its kind that is specifically targeted at smaller cities, towns and rural areas and which empowers local people and local leaders to invest in the local transport projects that matter most to their communities.

As part of the Conservative Government’s latest funding decision, Shropshire Council will receive an extra £136,443,000 and Telford & Wrekin Council will receive an extra £107,018,000.

Local authorities will receive funding from April 2025, giving them time to develop their funding proposals properly.  Over the seven years as a whole this funding will be on average at least nine times more than local authorities currently receive through the local integrated transport block, which is the current mechanism for funding local transport improvements in their local areas.

This funding increase is for the Midlands and the North because most HS2 savings are from those regions.  Every penny of the £9.6 billion committed to the Midlands leg of HS2 will be reinvested in the Midlands.

The last Conservative Government provided £650,938 to Telford & Wrekin Council last year as part of the Bus Service Improvement Plan, plus a further £1.05 million using money saved by scaling back the HS2 project.  That means Telford & Wrekin Council has received an additional £1.7 million from the Conservatives to provide more regular and reliable bus services and/or cheaper fares.


Wellington Railway Station - Ticket Office to Stay Open!

During the summer, train companies held a consultation on reducing the staffing hours of ticket offices at some stations.

At the time, the Government told train companies that no currently staffed station should be left unstaffed as a result of the changes.

*** Extending the £2 bus fare cap ***

From today, the £2 bus fare cap in England will be extended until December 2024 thanks to savings from HS2

Buses are the most popular form of public transport so keeping bus fares down will benefit more people than HS2.

New Government Support for Local Bus Services!

Whether through the 'Get Around for £2' scheme or the £1 billion Bus Service Improvement Plan, the Conservative Government has consistently taken steps to support public transport outside the big cities - working to level up transport in towns and rural areas.

Mark Calls on Council Leader to Rethink School Bus Cuts

Today Mark have written to Cllr Shaun Davies, Leader of Telford & Wrekin Council, to ask him to rethink the Council's decision to cut school bus services for pupils at Charlton School and Holy Trinity Academy in Telford.

Campaigning for Local Bus Routes

Today Mark has called on the bus company Arriva to reinstate services through Muxton and Lilleshall.

Residents have started a petition after bus services were cut to one bus an hour from Telford to Stafford.

Wellington Station upgrade

Wrekin MP, Mark Pritchard, has welcomed the announcement that Wellington Station will be fully-accessible, having secured a share of £300 million set aside for improving disabled access to public transport.

Mark Pritchard steps in over bus services

Wrekin MP, Mark Pritchard, is celebrating today after the government announced it will take action to shut down puppy farms.

The MP, known for his high profile animal welfare campaigns, also praised well known tv vet Marc Abraham’s for his animal welfare campaign, Lucy’s Law.