Government Confirms 93 New Police Officers for West Mercia

The Government has announced the first wave of 20,000 new police recruits.  This includes 93 new police officers for West Mercia Police - our local force here in Shropshire.

The 93 extra police officers will join another 215 new officers being recruited by West Mercia Police this year.

Mark Meets With Health Secretary to Discuss Telford A&E Services

This afternoon Mark met with Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, to discuss new hospital services at the Princess Royal Hospital in Telford.

It is good news that A&E will be staying in Telford despite all the local scaremongering.

Mark Welcomes Decision to Keep A&E at Telford

In today's Shropshire Star, Local MP Mark Pritchard gives his thoughts on the decision to keep A&E services at The Princess Royal Hospital in Telford - a decision led by experienced local clinicians and not by government ministers in Westminster.

You can see the full story below:

Wrekin MP Mark Pritchard Backs Boris' New Brexit Deal

Mark agrees with the Prime Minister's approach to Brexit.  We need a new deal or no deal - but no more delays.‬

‪We must get Brexit done so the country can move on and focus on the cost of living, the NHS and other domestic priorities.‬


Mark Pritchard Calls for Support for Shropshire Farmers

Agriculture and farming are vital to Shropshire's economy.

Whether we leave the EU with or without a deal, the Government has guaranteed that Shropshire farmers will continue to receive the same funding as they currently do.

Great Jobs News for The Wrekin!

The total number of people claiming unemployment benefits in The Wrekin constituency has fallen to 1,105.

Go back 10 years and almost twice as many people in this area were out of work.

Mark calls on the Prime Minister to deliver Brexit without further delay

Yesterday in the House of Commons I asked the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to do everything in his power to deliver Brexit without further delay.

A clear majority of Shropshire residents who voted in the 2016 referendum chose 'Leave' and their wishes must be respected.